Predators Trailer Returns to Series’ Roots


It might not have Arnie in it, but the reboot/remake of Predator is looking pretty impressive all the same.

It’s not often that a reboot of a movie seems like a really good idea, but after the less than amazing Alien vs. Predator movies, going back to basics is going to be welcomed by a lot of fans. This new trailer shows off a little more footage then we’ve seen before, with the human prey narrowly dodging deadly traps, and a look at the Predator itself as it spears people, tears off heads as trophies, and does other, equally Predator-y things.

The plot details we’ve seen so far suggest that the basic premise of the original Predator movie – a team of skilled fighters is hunted by an alien in a jungle – remains intact. Rather than a US Special Forces team in South America though , it’s a team of mercenaries and soldiers plucked from all over the world and dropped into a jungle on another planet.

I must admit, my excitement for this movie is steadily growing. The first Predator movie is immensely enjoyable, and this looks like it has the same spirit. Predators stars Adrien Brody, Danny Trejo, and Lawrence Fishburne, and is directed by Nimród Antal.

Predators is released in the US on July 9th

Source: Film Junk

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