Preorder Rage, Get Free “Anarchy Edition” Upgrade


Gamers who preorder Rage will get a free upgrade to the “Anarchy Edition” of the game with four unique downloadable items including weapons, armor and a sexy wasteland racing machine.

Preorder bonuses are all the rage and Rage is no exception. This one’s a bit nicer than most, though, because it’s not retailer-exclusive; you can plunk down your advance bucks just about anywhere and you’ll automatically be upgraded to the Anarchy Edition at no extra cost.

And what exactly is the Anarchy Edition? First up is a very Road-Warrior-esque double-barrel shotgun, the sort of rough-looking hand cannon that no grizzled warrior of the wasteland should be without, even if he doesn’t actually have any shells for it. Next is the Crimson Elite Armor, sort of a blood-hued cross between the Lord Humungous and the Kurgan, and the Fists of Rage, a set of spiked brass knuckles. Last but certainly not least is the Rat Rod Buggy, a mean-looking machine with a blower, an awesome paint job and probably a few other surprises too.

The Anarchy Edition upgrade is available to customers in North America who preorder Rage from GameStop,, Steam and Direct2Drive. Information for European customers will be released soon, but it’s not like there’s any great hurry. Rage doesn’t come out until September 13 [September 16 in Europe] for the PC, Xbox 360 and PlayStation3.

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