Preorder Star Trek Online And Get A Tribble


The plethora of preorder goodies available for Star Trek Online are downright impressive and makes you wish you could preorder from more than one source. Well, I suppose you could…

Even if you are only vaguely considering playing Star Trek Online, then there’s absolutely no reason not to preorder. First off, you will be able to participate in the open beta between January 12th and January 26th. In addition, you will be able to start a whole weekend before (January 29th) the game officially “launches” (February 2nd) with the Early Start program and be able to carry over experience and equipment. Then, depending on where you preorder from, you will be able to get some freaking Trek-ilicious in-game items.

Here’s the list of possible in-game bonuses for preordering Star Trek Online:

A pet Tribble (Federation)
A violent and destructive beast called a Targ (Klingons like crazy pets)
An auxiliary Starfleet Shuttle
A ‘Liberated Borg’ Bridge Officer to help you on your missions
A Constitution Class Ship (which looks like NCC-1701 or the original Enterprise for you newbs)
A TR-116 rifle which teleports bullets around corners
Joined Trill (exclusive racial abilities)
Multi-Spatial Personal Shield
Chromodynamic Armor
Additional Skill Points (lame, but deserves mentioning)
“KHAAAN!” Emote
Klingon Blood Wine Toast Emote
Unique Registry Prefix (NX-)
Costumes from both DS9 and TOS
Red Matter Capacitor (a nod to the new movie?)

The items are available at different retailers depending on what country you order from. More specific information on what item is available from what website can found at Cryptic’s site.

Come on, a tribble? That’s awesome.

Source: CVG

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