Prepare for the Summer E Games!

Countdown to the E Games

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Beginning Monday, August 17, The Escapist will be launching the Summer E Games, a two-week long event full of quizzes, contests and competitions for badges.

There will be 6 main events:

  • The Legacy Battle – 32 of The Escapist chosen legacies will be going head-to-head for the title!
  • Flash Game Playoffs – 10 different flash games in 10 different days, sponsored by Kongregate.
  • Haiku Contest – Write us your best Haiku and see if you can win yourself a gold, silver or bronze medal badge.
  • Photoshop Contest – Make us your best rendition of gamer art and submit it for your chance at a badge.
  • T-Shirt Contest – You’ve got ideas and we want to see them! Submit for a badge… and maybe even more!
  • Epic Quiz – 6 different categories, 25 questions each… and all for a badge!

If you would like a little brain warm-up before the games begin, we’ve re-released the quizzes from last year’s GamerLympics. There are 3 quizzes, 125 questions each and timed. These are not for the faint of heart, and nobody has managed to get them all correct yet!

  1. GamerLympic Movies Trivia Quiz
  2. GamerLympic TV Trivia Quiz
  3. GamerLympic Game Trivia Quiz

All of these events, along with a special forum, launch on Monday, August 17th at noon EDT. Put your game face on, strap on your creativity hat, stretch your gaming muscles and get ready to win some badges!

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