The PC extras of Dark Souls will run you about $15 on consoles.

There’s nothing PC gamers like more than a good challenge, which is why so many of them were pleased when Namco Bandai announced Dark Souls for their platform of choice. Dark Souls: Prepare to Die will bring its signature toughness, minimalist story, and haunting aesthetic to PCs along with Artorias of the Abyss a mini-expansion that will add new areas, weapons, and bosses to Dark Souls‘s already staggering mix. There was some concern that while PC gamers got a bevy of new content, console gamers would be left out in the cold. Thankfully, Namco Bandai has allayed those fears. PS3 and 360 owners can die contented (not to mention repeatedly), since Artorias will make its way to consoles as a DLC package.

Unfortunately, console gamers will have to wait a few months before getting ravaged by the new Dark Souls content. While Prepare to Die will hit PCs on August 24, the console DLC will not be available until this winter; whether that means late 2012 or early 2013 is, as yet, unclear. Furthermore, while PC gamers will have the content included in the full retail price of the game, those on the PS3 and 360 will have to shell out 1200 Microsoft points or $14.99 USD. For those of you who paid $60 at launch, this will add up to an expensive experience. Thanks to a price drop, though, newcomers will likely end up paying a similar amount for the console title plus DLC or the PC port.

Most people who played Dark Souls can attest that it is a brutal but rewarding experience. Is the additional punishment worth the promise of even greater reward for $15? Knowing the Dark Souls fanbase, the answer is probably “yes,” but expect to hear it through a lot of gritted teeth and groans of frustration.

Source: IGN

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