All you need to know about Star Wars in handy infographic form.

The Star Wars universe is a rather huge and complicated place. With multiple films, TV series and books, it can be pretty hard to keep track of the little details making up our favorite galaxy far, far away. Thankfully, Oskoui+Oskoui, a full-service advertising agency, has stepped up to the plate with a series of infographics filled with all the important facts you need to understand the Star Wars universe.

If you’ve ever needed to know just how many limbs have been lost in the Skywalker family, or have trouble remembering the odds of successfully navigating an asteroid field, these infographics have you covered. My personal favorite is the infographic depicting the make up of the Imperial Navy’s command structure, which is probably the most clever reference to Timothy Zahn’s Thrawn trilogy I’ve seen in recent memory.

Oskoui+Oskoui doesn’t just handle infographics, however, and have dabbled in a variety of other artistic mediums, such as propoganda posters, failed lunch box designs, and the all important task of filing paperwork.

Source: via Geeks Are Sexy


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