You can’t turn back the clock in Prince of Persia: The Shadow and the Flame.

Remember when Ubisoft Montreal CEO, Yannis Mallat, told us the Prince of Persia franchise was being “paused” to give it time to “breathe and grow.” I do, it was a little over two months ago. Well, apparently the franchise has done enough breathing and growing, as Ubisoft is already testing the waters with another HD remake of the original series set for release on smartphones and tablets.

The POP timeline is a little convoluted, so let me break it down for you. Prince of Persia: The Shadow and the Flame is a complete remake of Prince of Persia 2: The Shadow and the Flame, which was released back in 1993. Much like its predecessor, Prince of Persia Classic (itself a remake of the first Prince of Persia game) The Shadow and the Flame loosely follows the structure of the original game, albeit with smoother animations and an aesthetic lifted from the Sands of Time trilogy.

It’ll be interesting to see how this one pans out. While the original Prince of Persia is an undeniable classic and a gaming milestone – without which we’d have no Tomb Raider, Uncharted, Assassin’s Creed and so on – Prince of Persia Classic was more about cashing in on Sands of Time’s success. Now that Prince of Persia has taken a backseat to Assassin’s Creed in the jumpy-stabby sweepstakes, I’m not sure the franchise still has the clout to pull in the crowds, particularly if it’s a tablet-only affair.

Source: YouTube

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