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So, let’s not beat around the bush. The original cover for BioShock Infinite is kind of crap. Gun-on-a-stick, Booker DeWitt, gets central billing (staring off into the middle distance in that special way meant to drive frat bros wild with desire), while the real protagonist, Elizabeth, is bumped to the back cover for fear that her lady bumps and lacking arsenal will drive away the emotionally-stunted shooter audience. Fortunately, the game does ship with an alternative cover, chosen from a selection of eight in an online fan vote.

The alternative cover is beautiful, but if it’s not to your taste, there are alternatives to said alternative. Irrational has made all eight entries available in high resolution for your downloading and printing pleasure. The covers are available in PS3, Xbox 360 and PC variants (this is strictly a change in size format, they’re not plastered in logos like most game covers). Personally, I’m partial to the “falling” design you see in the top right.

Of course, no news piece on alternative cover art would be complete without a link to this excellent NeoGAF thread. Seriously, people. Games are art, it’s time we started packaging them as such.

Source: Bioshock Infinite

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