Project BlueStreak: New Concept Art From Cliff Bleszinski

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Boss Key Productions has unveiled a new piece of concept art from its upcoming arena shooter, Project BlueStreak.

Late last month, Gears of War designer Cliff Bleszinski announced his return to the video game industry. His new studio, Boss Key Productions, is currently working on a something called Project BlueStreak.

The folks at Boss Key are being understandably tight lipped about BlueStreak. However, Bleszinski has reveled, via Reddit AMA, that the title is a PC-based, free-to-play sci-fi arena shooter. And considering CliffyB’s history with Unreal Tournament and Quake, an arena shooter is right in his wheelhouse (which could be a very good thing).

Several strange screenshots have already made their way onto the internet, but last night Project BlueStreak’s official Twitter account released a single piece of “early concept art.”

The more I look at this picture, the more confused I am. The Hollywood sign is clearly visible in the foreground, but there aren’t any rivers in downtown Los Angeles. So, either someone left the faucet running, or something Armageddon-y is happening in California. And all of that scary lightning probably suggests the later.

A handful of people are extremely suspicious of Bleszinski’s choice to reenter the arena shooter genre so quickly after a new Unreal Tournament title was announced. And at this point in time, its difficult to tell if BlueStreak will be anything more than a UT ripoff or if Bleszinski is actually breaking new ground.

Stay tuned.


Source: Twitter, Reddit

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