Move-powered motion controls spice up the dancing in the newest DanceDanceRevolution.

With games like Just Dance and Dance Central getting so much attention, it’s easy to forget about the one that started the whole dancing genre, DanceDanceRevolution. Sure, the series has had a number of entries in recent years, but the fanfare doesn’t seem to be there like it used to. Well, Konami no longer seems content to allow other dancing franchises to hog the limelight. Its latest entry in the series, and the first to hit the PS3, brings the franchise up to date with new modes, new songs, and support for the PlayStation Move and PlayStation Eye add-ons.

Players with the Move motion controller can dance to the song with both their hands and feet, pointing the wand at on-screen targets while tapping arrows on the foot pad. Special motions will also allow the player to manipulate the interface, doing things like zooming in and out or moving lights around the screen.

If you’ve ever wondered what you look like while flailing around on that dance mat, hooking up a PlayStation Eye camera will display your silhouette on the screen as you dance. Be careful – the sudden realization of what you look like while trying to keep up with the hardest songs might be enough of a distraction to completely kill your performance.

DanceDanceRevolution features a number of other enhancements for series’ faithful, including forty-five new songs (twenty licensed and twenty-five from Konami artists) and a variety of new gameplay modes. The Club Mode will watch you perform and will adjust the difficulty level accordingly over the course of a two to twenty song marathon. Competitive players will want to face off in the new Dance Off mode, or test their skills in the Challenge difficulty, which adds four extra diagonal arrows to the fray.

Like a number of other game coming out next year, DanceDanceRevolution will allow you to share your successes (and failures) with all of your friends. Players can record and edit in-game videos and upload them directly to Facebook or YouTube.

DanceDanceRevolution hits the PlayStation 3 this winter. I’ll spare you guys the replays of my easy-mode failures.

Source: Kotaku

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