PlayStation 3 owners hoping to enjoy that exclusive gameplay mode in Saint’s Row: The Third that they were promised are in for a bit of disappointment.

At E3 2011, Sony Computer Entertainment of America CEO Jack Tretton promised PS3 fans that when Saint’s Row: The Third hit the console, it would include an exclusive gameplay mode centered around the game’s now infamous sex-toy-cum-baseball-bat. Now that the game has hit store shelves, this phallocentric gaming option is nowhere to be found.

Joystiq reports:

After vaguely announcing “an exclusive mode on the PS3 utilizing [Saints Row: The Thirds’s] signature weapon” back at E3, we never actually heard what that game mode would be. As it turns out, Volition and THQ apparently never settled on one, and the exclusive content deal seemingly didn’t pan out.

We discovered as much when retail copies of Saints Row: The Third arrived for review on both Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 last week. After booting up each and looking around thoroughly, we can assure you that there’s no content difference between the two versions.

Inquiries on the topic sent to publisher THQ have been met with a de rigueur “no comment,” and so far Sony is likewise mum.

Hopefully this news doesn’t dissuade any of you Sony devotees from buying Saint’s Row: The Third — it really is a fantastic, hilariously juvenile sandbox game — but we do have a weekly “bad news” quota to fulfill, and it was either this or mentioning that you were adopted. Sorry you had to find out this way.

Source: Joystiq

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