PS3 Hard Drive Speeds Genji Load Times


Sony says a feature built into PS3 title Genji will dramatically reduce in-game load times via use of the console’s hard drive.

PlayStation 3 launch title Genji will enable users to install 4 gigabytes of data to the console’s hard drive in order to reduce in-game load times from about 15 seconds to only four seconds, says Sony. The optional procedure will be available via Genji‘s startup menu, according to an MTV News report. The installation will last about three minutes and will only need to be performed once.

All PS3 units come with a hard drive of either 20 or 60 gigabytes. Use of drive space to reduce in-game load times has been speculated as one likely use for the drive, although to date the functionality has not yet been confirmed as a feature employed by any other PS3 titles.

Source: MTV News

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