Reflecting an earlier report of stronger PlayStation 3 sales amid a price cut and Wii scarcity, Sony’s console has outsold Nintendo’s for the week ending November 11, MediaCreate reported.

The PlayStation 3 sold 38 percent more unit, as it more than tripled its sales from the previous week, selling 58,964 units.

At the same time, the Wii saw a 10 percent drop. That the sales fall came amid the release of the highly acclaimed Super Mario Galaxy suggests scarcity is taking its toll on Wii numbers.

Meanwhile, the PlayStation 2 console is continuing its slow decline, and the Xbox 360 is falling back to normal sales levels for the Japanese market – last place – after a spike related to the release of Ace Combat 6.

The full list of hardware figures follows below:

1. Nintendo DS: 78,884
2. PlayStation Portable: 58,964
3. PlayStation 3: 55,924
4. Nintendo Wii: 34,456
5. PlayStation 2: 9,043
6. Xbox 360: 5,817


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