Famitsu, the largest gaming magazine in Japan, has reported that on average, the PS3 sold with just under one game per machine in Japan.

During the two-day launch period, Famitsu claims that the PS3 came just shy of a one game per console software tie-in. This means that plenty of gamers bought systems but no games, suggesting that users either wanted a Blue-ray player or they planned to sell the system for a profit. The top three games were Ridge Racer 7 (30,300), Mobile Suit Gundam: Crossfire (30,000) and Resistance: Fall of Man (20,889).

The Xbox 360 sold roughly 62,000 of the 159,000 units shipped to Japan at launch with a software tie-in of just 0.91. In North America, the Xbox 360 claimed a 3.9 games per console tie-in at launch.

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