Technical officers behind the development of the PlayStation 3 say the console can be decked out with 30 to 40 percent further improvement through firmware updates, reports.

Izumi Kawanishi and Kanehide said peak PS3 usage so far does not stress its processing power, and even that a fanless version of the console was feasible.

The officers also said the latest firmware update – which included a bevy of features – could be further improved upon to allow the portable PSP to remotely turn on the console. Controlling PS3 games themselves with the portable is just a matter of a given developer’s desire to make it happen, they added.

Such possibilities, however, are contingent on consumer demand, Kawanishi said.

“The scary thing about the PS3 is that we can continue to add updates as long as there is space on the HDD. We won’t stop though, since adding new functionality is a lot of fun. We really enjoy getting feedback from the customers, and finding things we really hadn’t thought of.”

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