The latest PS3 software update brings automatic Trophy and online save-syncing for PlayStation Plus members and a streamlined media interface for everyone.

If you’re a PlayStation Plus subscriber and have multiple PS3s, your syncing worries are over! According to the Official PlayStation Blog, the current 3.70 software update adds two long-awaited features to the PS3’s roster: automatic syncing of Trophies and game saves to Sony’s online repository. Regular PSN members can expect big changes as well, including recommendations on the PSN store, a unified streaming media application, and enhanced features on 3D Blu-ray discs.

The most ambitious part of this update aims to help gamers who have multiple PS3s or find themselves using someone else’s on a regular basis. According to the Official PlayStation Blog, “A new auto upload function for online save data back-up will be added to make it easier to back-up your game save data.” With save data tied to a user’s account instead of his hard drive, switching consoles will be a breeze. Likewise, Trophy syncing ensures that a user’s achievements will follow him, wherever he chooses to game.

For non-Plus gamers, Sony has added new features to the PSN store, the XMB interface, and the system’s capacity for 3D movies. Users can now recommend games and videos from the PSN store to their friends via private message. Furthermore, the new TV/Video bar in the XMB brings together services like Netflix and Hulu Plus for easy access. Finally, 3D support for Java-based content, lossless audio, and 3D photos has been added for 3D Blu-ray media.

Not every PS3 update brings about substantial changes, but 3.70 looks like it brings a lot to the table. While PlayStation Plus subscribers get some cool features, this update has a little something for just about any PS3 owner.

Source: Official PlayStation Blog

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