PS4 Themes

Soon, PS4 owners will be able to alter their dashboard to reflect their interests and hobbies.

Every since the launch of the PlayStation 4, the console’s dashboard interface has always seemed a tad bit bland. Today, Sony announced at their Japan Asia press conference that the next update for their console will allow users to breathe fresh air into their systems by adding custom themes to the dashboard.

The reveal showcased a few animated themes. The Playstation 4 demo featuring Toro and Kuro– two prominent Japanese PlayStation characters. Cycling through the menus seemingly altered the background where the characters reside. For the Vita, a theme for Danganropa series spin-off Zettai Zetsubo Shojo: Danganronpa Another Episode was displayed with custom wallpaper and icons.

It has yet to be said when this update will be released, what level of customization will be available, or whether the themes will be preselected and available for download via PSN as opposed to players being able to select their own images to be used as backgrounds.

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Source: Forbes

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