I … um … hokay, so there’s this thing … no. No, Granny. That’s just not right at all.

It’s difficult to know what to make of PS4 exclusive Basement Crawl. Gameplay, the developers promise, is a bit like Bomberman and Spy Vs Spy, a statement that these new screens seem to confirm. But then there’s that trailer; that strange, chilly little trailer. Sure, there’s some Bomberman in there somewhere, but there’s also a hefty dose of Chucky and Saw. Whether or not that floats your boat will probably depend on how much you like dear old Granny here, as she gives sound advice to her doting granddaughter.

Bloober Team, the independent Polish developer behind this … well, whatever this is, is a big fan of Sony. “Seriously, when Sony says ‘We support indie developers,’ they really mean it,” said Bloober Team during a recent AMA. “They’re very helpful and we get a feeling that they actually care.”

Bloober Team might take its title to other PlayStation platforms some day, and there’s an outside chance it’ll end up on PC as well, but right now it’s only for the PS4. No concrete word on a release date, but it’s meant to be out within the PS4 launch window, so presumably it’s due very soon.

Source: Bloober Team

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