The PlayStation 4’s first software update is going to be in high demand when the system launches – get it before the rush.

No matter how big a given developer or manufacturer is, or how much money they can throw around, launch day is always a mess for people trying to connect to official servers. The PlayStation 4 will be able to play games at launch, but many of its other features won’t be functional until users download and install its first software update. Sony’s thinking ahead, though – if you’re planning on picking up a PS4 this Friday, head over to the PlayStation website to download the update onto a flash drive. That way you’ll be ready to go on launch day while everyone else waits for Sony’s burdened servers.

The update is about 400 MB large, so make sure you have that much space on a USB drive. Once you’ve downloaded the update from the PlayStation site, you’ll have to set up a simple folder structure: make a new folder called “PS4” on the drive, then make another folder called “UPDATE” inside the first one. The UPDATE folder is where you’ll put the patch, which must be named “PS4UPDATE.PUP” for the system to find it. When you have your PS4, you can install the update by turning off the machine, then booting it in safe mode by holding the power button for 7 seconds.

It isn’t the simplest process, but if the servers go down on launch day then this will definitely save you some time. Without the update you can still play games (you should even be able to download the update in the background while you play), but you won’t be able to access multiplayer until you’re on the most recent software version.

Source: PlayStation

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