This week on Zero Punctuation, Yahtzee reviews Psychonauts 2.

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Ah, Psychonauts, what a great game that was. I hope your fingers are still smarting from the last time I had to bring that across. Sure, the platforming physics were a bit jank and all the characters looked like their concept art had been scanned in by someone with Parkinson’s disease, but it was funny and well written and weird because it was a Tim Schafer game from that wonderful golden age of the PS2 era when games could be weird and culty I SAID CULTY because they weren’t expected to make enough money to pay for the CEO’s moon expedition. Unfortunately they were still expected to make some amount of money and that’s where Psychonauts 1 fell short on initial release, and why I had to start breaking fingers. Fortunately the Double Fine have managed to cling to driftwood long enough to wait for the inevitable twenty year nostalgia wave to come around and can now surf that driftwood all the way to sex island with Psychonauts 2. Yes, they’ve pulled what’s now technically known as the Shenmue gambit. And you know, slipping on those old familiar Psychonauts trousers I could almost think no time had passed at all. I mean, in the game world, it literally hasn’t, but nevertheless. Very little about the look and feel of the world seems to have changed much. Here’s all those clashing colour schemes we remember so fondly, and all the old characters exactly as we remember, still designed like plasticine models after they’ve been peeled out of a waffle iron.

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