The next downloadable character for MUA2 is everyone’s favorite body-swapped psychic ninja.

Carnage not floating your boat? Well that’s ok, not everyone wants to play a psychotic shape shifter, some people would rather play a psychic ninja who was born a white woman but is now Asian and has died at least once.

It’s the kind of back story that you only get in comic books, and this particular monstrosity belongs to Psylocke, a character that appears in the Wii and PS2 versions of the game, and is being released as DLC for the Xbox 360 and PS3.

“For Psylocke we wanted play up her martial arts background while still keeping her unique powers in the limelight … we made sure to incorporate her iconic blades into her most basic attacks, so you’d be seeing them all the time,” said Alex Kerr of Vicarious Visions.

Along with the character, the upcoming DLC will also feature ‘simulation missions’ or bonus levels that by the sounds of things are pretty much about beating the snot out of things, probably for justice or something.

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