Publisher Apologizes For Gothic 3 Expansion


Austrian publisher JoWood has issued a formal apology for the bug-ridden Gothic 3 expansion, Forsaken Gods

We’ve all played bad games before, but it’s pretty rare that one is so bad that the publishers feels like they have to apologize for it; but that is exactly what JoWood has done.

In a statement on the company’s website, Michael Kairat, Executive Producer of JoWood, said “We are now getting the full ‘bill’ from the community for our mistakes… JoWooD Productions would like to present their apologies to the fans for releasing an unsatisfying game.”

Interestingly though, Kairat portions a small part of the blame on the very community that he is apologizing to.

“The game was released this year because that was what we and the community desired. JoWooD and Trine have worked under a lot of pressure, and to repair some of the mistakes we released the game with a patch, hoping to make it better.”

JoWood is to release a patch in the next few days to address issues with the game, and hopes to release a content patch that will include feedback from the community. The company has vowed that Gothic 4 will not suffer the same fate.

“Together with Spellbound we will make early beta tests for Arcania: A Gothic Tale, to be sure that past mistakes will not be repeated. JoWooD admits their mistake, and will prevent it from happening again.”

Source: Voodoo Extreme 3D via GayGamer

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