Pure Pwnage Graduates To Broadcast TV


Pure Pwnage, the popular web series about fictional “pro” gamers, has graduated from the internet to become a full-fledged broadcast TV series, due to start airing in Canada next year.

Pure Pwnage, the (once?) popular web series that gave gamers the gift of such catchphrases as “BOOM! Headshot!” and nuggets of wisdom like “Everybody knows you run faster with a knife” has made the leap from newfangled internet television into oldfangled broadcast television, where it will become a full-on broadcast TV series that will start airing in its home country of Canada next year.

The series, which will air in 30 minute episodes like any other sitcom, will track the life, mocumentary style, of Jeremy, the star of the web series and a person Giant Realm media is calling a “26 year old gamer version of Larry David.” They also compare the show’s appeal to hip comedies like Curb Your Enthusiasm and Flight of the Conchords. I like Pure Pwnage, but, err, I don’t really see the parallels there.

The premise of the show is that Jeremy has been forced by his mom to get a job, but, being the numbskull gamer that he is, has a hard time taking his internet/gamer logic and adapting it to the real world. The series will find him trying to find work as a rock star, videogame tutor and grocery store employee.

“We’ve enjoyed amazing success on the Internet, supported in part by our advertising partnership with Giant Realm,” said Jarett Cale, who plays Jeremy. “We’re grateful to Showcase for giving us the opportunity to take Pure Pwnage to the next level and are very excited to bring our popular characters to the TV platform.”

Hopefully those characters include FPS Doug, the FPS obsessed Counter-Strike playing maniac whose brief appearances were easily the highlights of the series.

Pure Pwnage will air on Showcase in 2010.

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