Get ready to take a ride in the Famicar, the Giant Robot Famicom Scion that’s the coolest gaming-inspired car you’ve ever seen.

Okay, no, you’re not actually going to get to take a ride in this thing, but at least you’ll be able to watch some other guys cruise around in it for awhile. “It” being the Giant Robot Famicom Scion, an extensively modified Toyota Scion xB that not only looks like a Famicom system, but plays like one too.

The car sports “pop doors” with bright red buttons that not only look like they belong on a game controller but actually make familiar sounds when they’re pushed. The “car key” is a game cartridge (that also makes sounds when inserted), while the starter button is an actual videogame button. Rounding out the design is upholstery inspired by early 80s Activision colors and seat belt buckles made out of controllers.

And they don’t just look the part. The seat belt controllers can be used to play games projected into a wall from the front left headlight, while at the rear of car features a fold-down loveseat and a second projector that can be connected to a different system.

The car is fully functional but it’s only been on the road once, during a test-drive a few days before it was completed. The drive looks like it was a lot of fun. “It felt good,” narrator Eric Nakamura said in the Youtube video documenting the Famicar. “The car will hopefully live a longer life than all of us and I hope one day somebody powers the car up and sees how 8-bit videogames inspired a generation of youths in 2010.”

via: Attract Mode

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