Quiz: Where Did This Geek-Inspired Fashion Trend Come From?

Geek 3x3

Comics and high fashion are two worlds that seem diametrically opposed, like Superman and Gold Kryptonite. And that makes sense of course, until you remember that fashion school is art school, and art school is the nerdiest place on earth that doesn’t involve intimate knowledge of linux. You don’t spend years getting really good at making pretty clothes without super turbo nerd dedication that you’d normally expect from an expert comics archivist. So it shouldn’t come as a huge shock that lots of designers are actually into geeky stuff too, and from time to time that interest makes its way into their creations.

So today, we bring you 8 high fashion trends that pay homage to comics. Can you guess what they are? Probably, but by taking this quiz, you’ll have the satisfaction that only comes from applying your acquired knowledge to some completely fresh outfits.

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