Rainbow Brite Reboot Revealed in First Trailer


First trailer for animated reboot reveals classic characters, new art style, celebrity voices

The previously announced reboot of the 1980s cartoon series Rainbow Brite has released its first trailer, revealing familiar characters and settings but a wholly new art style and a seemingly more comedy-focused tone very much in line with fellow 80s reboot My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic.

The trailer is light on exposition, but longtime fans of the franchise will recognize familiar characters like Starlite the horse and a boy who appears to be a new incarnation of Brian, a human from Earth who befriended the heroine in the original animated series. The YouTube thumbnail for the trailer also shows a small portion of what appears to be Twink the Sprite. Emily Osment voices the title character.

The biggest reveal, though, is the presence of a malevolent force (in the form of a storm cloud) that speaks with the voice of 80s movie-icon Molly Ringwald. Apparently, Ringwald’s character is a new incarnation of The Dark Princess – the main antagonist of the franchise’s sole feature-film outing, Rainbow Brite & The Star Stealer. No word on whether original series heavies, Murky & Lurky, will also appear.

The series will stream exclusively through Feeln, a family-friendly subscription video-on-demand service previously known as “SpiritClips” and now owned by the Hallmark Corporation. The first episode is scheduled to run on November 6, 2014.

Source: Feeln


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