Rap Song Replaces Sex With Original 151 Pokemon


If you’ve never heard a rap song about a man and a woman having sex that’s composed almost entirely in the names of the original first-generation Pokemon, that’s about to change.


Okay, let’s face it – the idea of using Pokemon as sexual innuendo is an old one. I’m willing to bet that there are a few of you out there reading this right now who giggled like idiots when you found out you could nickname your Metapod “Penis” and have it use Harden and String Shot over and over again. Don’t act like it’s not true.

But there’s simple sexual Poke-innuendo, and then there’s this. “The Birds and the Beedrills” is a rap song all about a man trying to get his freak on with a lady. That in itself would hardly be noteworthy, except the song takes care to work all 151 Pokemon from the first generation of games (that is, Red/Blue/Yellow) into the lyrics. Sometimes they’re used as innuendo, sometimes they’re just worked into the general phrasing.

While the voice is far from “professional rapper,” the Pokemon references in the lyrics are occasionally masterful strokes of wordplay. Honestly, I’m pretty damn impressed.

While any genuinely explicit language has been naturally replaced with Pokemon names, it goes without saying that the lyrics and subject matter should still be considered NSFW.

(Thanks, ForgottenPr0digy!)

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