Cut ropes, pull levers and help out Rayman with the Wii U’s GamePad.

The GamePad has its detractors, but Nintendo is determined to give its auxiliary controller every chance. In this latest trailer for Rayman Legends – a Wii U exclusive – Nintendo shows off what it thinks the GamePad should be all about: co-op play. The second controller helps by manipulating the level and blasting obstacles out of the way. You may need to watch this GamesCom trailer twice; once for the gameplay, and once just to enjoy the stunning graphics. So … pretty …

It looks as though Rayman kept his sense of humor too. This cheerful little platformer features Rayman, Globox, the Teensies and a new addition, ax-wielding Barbara, while the GamePad player controls Murfy. That’d be the little green flying fella, if you were wondering, and he gets to cut through ropes, activate mechanisms, and otherwise assist the group as they … ummm … try not to die, I think. The plot revolves around a set of mysterious paintings which suck the group into a magical kingdom, but that sounds suspiciously like an excuse to dump the group into as many odd worlds as possible.

Ubisoft has not confirmed a release date for this one yet, though they did previously mention November 2012 as a possibility. At the moment it is very much a Wii U exclusive, but console owners needn’t despair. There’s talk from developer Ubisoft that other platforms are being considered, but for the moment talk is all it is.

Source: Kotaku, Rayman Legends

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