Read Archie on Your PSP With the PSP Digital Reader


The PSP won’t just be for movies and games when Sony releases a digital reader for their handheld which will allow you to carry an issue of X-Men along with Final Fantasy VII in the same machine in December.

Sony is taking the multi part of multimedia device seriously when it comes to the PSP. It’s not just for watching movies or playing games or listening to music. Ever heard of something called reading? Yeah, it used to be popular back in the day and it’s coming to the PSP in the form of Sony’s digital reader, a service that Sony says will “allow PSP owners to access a range of media on their PSP.”

A “range of media” could mean a lot of things, but Sony doesn’t seem to be envisioning people using the PSP like, say, the Kindle and reading James Joyce with the damn thing. Now, I might use it for literary pleasures, but Sony’s launching the service this December with a Digital Comics store that will let you download “hundreds of classic and new comics” from the PlayStation Store.

“PSP’s new digital reader offers an unprecedented consumer experience that will extend the world of Marvel from print pages into the hands of fans around the world. We are excited to be part of this launch,” Ira Rubenstein of Marvel said.

Digital Comics will launch with books from Marvel like Spider-Man and X-Men, as well as brands like Archie Comics, graphic novels and “the latest underground sensations,” whatever that means. Some series will feautre monthly content updates, so you can keep up with the latest issues or what have you.

Comics will be read using the reader’s “Autoflow” feature which lets you zoom from frame to frame and mimic the experience of actually reading a book. Or you could read an actual book, that would work too. Actually, no. Just reading period is accomplishment enough. I won’t ask for more.

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