Tony Swatton, the internet’s favorite swordsmith and master armorer, brings Halo’s energy sword into reality.

Tony Swatton is one of the most overtly manly men in existence. A blacksmith from London, Swatton spends most of his time creating props for movies like Pirates of the Caribbean, The Hunger Games, and Thor. But for the last year, he has also been creating real-life versions of fictional weaponry from various video games and television shows. Today, Swatton showed off his latest, and most ridiculous, creation: Halo’s energy sword.

Each of the blades is roughly two inches wide and 39 inches long. The handle was carved out of synthetic mother of pearl, and the sword was heat treated at 500-600 degrees in order to give it a blue/purple hue.

Once the sword was completed, Swatton was impressed by its usability. “Surprisingly,” he said, “the weight dropped so much after I started grinding away on everything and tapering it that you’ll actually be able to carry it–even though there’s no counter weight.”

At the end of the video, the Man At Arms crew slaughters a few Halo-related items, some vegetables, and a bottle of Mountain Dew (obviously). The sword probably wouldn’t do nearly as much damage as some of Swatton’s other creations, but once he figures out how to infuse the weapon with futuristic energy, alien invaders might think twice about starting an intergalactic war.

Source: YouTube

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