Like previous Reaper Kickstarters, this one will just become a better deal over time.

Reaper Miniatures, they of the millions of dollars Bones Kickstarters, have returned to fund another round of cheap plastic minis of rather high quality. This time, though, they’re using the crowdfunding platform to revitalize one of their older lines, that of CAV, or Combat Assault Vehicles, a fast-playing game of metal mechs that Reaper both published and made the miniatures for. Those lumps of metal, though, are quickly become prohibitively expensive, so Reaper wants to take the line to their new, cheap plastic solution. Thus the Kickstarter. They already have a line of eight miniatures in production, and through the Kickstarter are selling that batch to fund more and more molds. As with previous Reaper Bones Kickstarters, the more folks fund the project, the greater the number stompy robots are included for the base pledge.

Reaper has also pledged to independently create a new set of hardcover rules for CAV, using an updated version of their RAGE tabletop rules. They’ve already posted a preview of those rules here or see a video of them in action. As of this article, Reaper has exceeded their goal by some marigin, hitting $134,411 in funding. While a far cry from the $3 million the past two Bones Kickstarters pulled, Reaper continues to lay out goals. The funding for the project concludes on September 27th.

You can find out more at the official Reaper CAV: Strike Operations Kickstarter page. You can learn about the background of CAV at the official game website.

What say you? Does this pique your interest in tabletop robot combat, or are you already invested in competitor Battletech: Alpha Strike?

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