Red Dead Redemption cover

The Windows Compatibility Center is hinting that Rockstar’s Red Dead Redemption might finally be coming to the PC.

Red Dead Redemption is perhaps not the greatest game Rockstar has ever released, but it clearly did a lot of things right: We rated it 5/5 in our 2010 review, after all. One thing it did not do, however, is appear on PCs – but that may be about to change.

As spotted by the watchful eyes of Reddit, Red Dead Redemption has appeared on Microsoft’s Windows Compatibility Center, a site that “lists thousands of the most popular apps and devices to help you easily identify what will or won’t work with various versions of Windows,” according to its FAQ. The site also states that in order to be listed, software must be submitted by a proper representative of the publisher, along with information allowing Microsoft to verify its legitimacy.

That’s a long way from an official announcement but the entry hasn’t yet been taken down, and Rockstar did drop a hint last year that a PC version of the game might be in the works. E3 is just a month away – could Rockstar be cooking up a surprise for June?

Source: Windows Compatibility Center

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