Red Dead Redemption Players Murder 132 Million People in Two Weeks


Statistics released by Rockstar have opened the lid on the various transgressions of Red Dead Redemption players.

In the first two weeks of Red Dead Redemption’s release, players killed enough people to depopulate Texas five times over, spent over three billion dollars, and made a very serious attempt to make wolves extinct. They also stole 1.9 million horses, and shot nearly 6 million hats in duels.

These numbers are part of an infographic based on statistics gathered from around 2.5 million players – if numbers extrapolated from the number of times people were trampled by horses are accurate – by Gamespy’s ATLUS tracking service. Players accumulated 14 million hours of play time in those first two weeks, which is the equivalent of more than 3,700 years, and averages at just over 5 hours per player.

It’s interesting to see how people are playing the game, especially when you start working some of the numbers backwards and seeing what they say about the ‘average’ player, and how that experience aligns with your own. It would be fascinating to see these kind of stats in a MMOG like World of Warcraft, or a sandbox game with a more open focus like The Sims and get an insight into how people play when they have so many options.

Source: Gamasutra

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