Red Faction Guerilla Getting Three DLC Packs


For those of us who have yet to have their fill of demolishing buildings with a sledgehammer on Mars, Red Faction Guerilla will be getting three DLC packs, the first of which will be touching down in August.

Mars is a big planet, and it’d take an intrepid gamer to manage to complete the task of destroying literally everything on it, but I’m sure there are plenty Red Faction Guerilla players who have accomplished such a mammoth task. Luckily for those GeoMod-lovers, THQ and Volition have more Red Planet adventures in store in the coming months.

Starting in August, Red Faction Guerilla will be getting a number of DLC packs. The first of three is titled Demons of the Badlands, and will “feature a single-player mission arc that takes place in an entirely new Mars landscape outside of the existing expansive world.” Demons of the Badlands will be released on August 13 for 800 Microsoft Points or $9.99 on PSN.

Judging from the screenshots you’ll be getting more vehicles, more guns and more mayhem. Yep, that’s a mech suit flipping over an armored car in the screen. Could this be enough to satisfy Guerilla fans’ appetite for destruction? Guess you’ll just have to get your ass back to Mars to find out. I knew I couldn’t write this story without making that joke.

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