Remember Me‘s Nilin Shows How Memories Get Molded


Just changing the location of a bottle can alter a man’s entire, shortened life.

“Every day,” says Dontnod’s Jean-Maxime Moris, “everything that we see, hear, feel and learn gets stored in real-time, in our brains.” But it isn’t safely stored in there, not when there’s memory hunter Nilin about. This latest trailer from Dontnod shows off some of the tricks you can pull, when a person’s memories are as malleable as clay. Just a few misplaced items are all it might take to send someone well off the deep end; but at least it’s for a good cause, right?

Nilin’s the only thing that stands between Sensen and Memorize’s dominance in the brain-bending dystopian future that is Paris, 2084. But she has a few problems of her own; the enemy got to her and wiped her mind, which is why you – as Nilin – have to go around scraping bits of it off the landscape. Remixing your own fight combos is a nice touch, and works well with the premise; but beware the vampiric Leapers, as they want to drain everyone’s minds.

This title’s due June 2013, for PC, PS3 and Xbox 360.

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