After testing, Red Box is going mainstream with videogame rentals for $2/day.

Those big red boxes are a fixture throughout the southern United States. Here in Durham, N.C., I’ve seen lines of people ten deep to rent or return DVDs. Red Box cuts the costs of stocking and manning shelves by reducing rentals to kiosk form. You put in your money and the box spits out a DVD. You then just drop the DVD back in any Red Box machine the next day. If you’re late, you just pay another dollar. The $1 a day and simple interface makes it ideal to quickly grab whatever you or your family wants to watch that night. After testing in select areas since July, Red Boxes will now offer videogame rentals in addition to movies for the low price of $2 a day. Games won’t be offered at every one of its 44,000 kiosks, but you can check your zip code at the Red Box website for availability in your area. The videogame rollout will happen later this month.

Luckily, there are quite a few Red Boxes that will offer videogames in the Raleigh-Durham area. Also, Beverly Hills 90210 has got a few nearby.

I’m not a big user of Red Boxes, I prefer to get my movies streamed over Netflix, but I could see how grabbing a quick videogame to play for a couple days might be really convenient. It will also give me something to browse when the wife needs to pick up some milk, eggs and “feminine products.”

Source: Xbox 360 digest

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