Report: Assassin’s Creed: Unity to Feature Four Player Narrative Co-Op

AC5: Unity

Ubisoft will unveil two new trailers for Assassin’s Creed: Unity at this year’s E3; one will focus on single-player, while the other will showcase a four-player “narrative” co-op mode.

If you’re an Assassin’s Creed fan and feel the yearly franchise is running through the motions, then its latest entry — Assassin’s Creed: Unity — might just be the game that shakes the franchise up. According to someone at Ubisoft who wishes to remain anonymous; Assassin’s Creed: Unity will, for the first time in franchise history, feature a four-player “narrative” co-op mode. This new mode, along with the single-player, will be showcased at this year’s E3 in two separate demos. Former NeoGAF poster Shinobi602 first revealed this tidbit over on Twitter, which I’ve verified comes from a legitimate Ubisoft source.

It’s also been said that the two demos won’t necessarily be shown at the same press conference. Odds are, one of the demos will be shown off during Ubisoft’s presser, with the other set to appear elsewhere. Seeing as Ubisoft has been chummy with Sony the past few years, it wouldn’t surprise me if one of the demos is shown off at Sony’s PlayStation press conference. Keep in mind that things could change from now until E3, but based on the info we received, four-player co-op is indeed a reality and we’ll see it firsthand come E3 this June.

For our first glimpse at Assassin’s Creed: Unity, make sure to give its reveal trailer a watch. In other Assassin’s Creed news, Ubisoft vice president of creative Lionel Raynaud has gone on record and claimed that the reason the publisher is releasing yearly entries in the franchise is due to people wanting it.

What do you make of this reported new four-player narrative-driven co-op mode? Will it be enough to reinvigorate the franchise?

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