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According to inside sources, the bulk of employees at Crytek’s UK office are no longer suiting up and coming in to work.

Oh dear. If you’re looking for a little bit more legitimacy that Crytek’s UK staffers haven’t been paid properly since April, a report that the bulk of those same staffers are refusing to come in to work may be just that. According to Kotaku, “people familiar with the situation,” are reporting that most people are simply not turning up to work.

According to those people, Crytek’s UK staff have still not been paid the full amount they are owed, and this week, the staff at Crytek’s UK office handed in formal grievance letters and went home. One such source estimates as many as 100 people have left, though it is unclear how many of them have departed permanently and how many are simply waiting for conditions to improve before returning to work.

Apparently, employees at Crytek UK, which is based in Nottingham, are hoping that Deep Silver (who publishes the Saints Row series) will purchase the studio and continue funding development of Homefront: The Revolution.

Both Crytek and Deep Silver have refused to offer comment, although Crytek recently refuted reports that the company was close to bankruptcy.

Source: Kotaku

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