Report: Just Cause 3 Suffers From 15 Minute Load Times on Console


Reports are coming in that the Xbox One version of Just Cause 3 suffers from massive memory leaks.

Consoles are having a hard time keeping up with PCs this generation, performance wise, and if a report from NX gamer is to be believed, the just launched Just Cause 3 is the worst offender. A performance analysis from NX Gamer (via claims that massive memory leaks cause the game to suffer from up to fifteen minute load times, and FPS drops as low as 17 FPS on the Xbox One version of the game.

“You do get incredibly long loading times and if you play more than an hour or so it can actually take nearly 15 minutes to reload a save,” NX Gamer’s video analysis claims. “And this just looks like memory leakages where it’s clearing out RAM. Some of the AI goes mad, the physics can react really oddly and unfortunately on top of all these problems, the performance with a game that’s totally designed around blowing stuff up and having this chaotic… world doesn’t perform very well at all.

The same report claims that the game’s physics engine is tied to framerate, so when it drops down to 17 FPS it makes you feel like you are “running and turning through treacle.”

The report concludes that the bugs are bugs and issues can actually force you to turn the game off and restart it to try and get rid of the memory leaks.

NX Gamer is yet to test the PS4 and PC versions of the game, but users on reddit have chipped in to say that the PS4 version has similar problems (though not quite as pronounced) while the PC version runs fine (depending on your hardware).

And here I was thinking that the ~45 second load times in Fallout 4 were incredibly frustrating… I really hope a patch comes to fix this soon!


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