For drivers who find using their hands to steer a car to be just too much work, German researchers have developed new technology that lets you steer with your eyes.

The video you see above showcases new technology that tracks the movements of a driver’s eyes with a number of cameras and steers the car accordingly. Known as eyeDriver, it allows a car to be driven at speeds of up to 31 mph, with plans underway to bring it up to freeway speeds, Berlin Free University artificial intelligence researcher Raul Rojas said. Early tests show it to be quite flexible; backing up can be achieved simply by looking at the rear view mirror and the car was shown to be able to follow movements of both pedestrians and other cars with a properly attentive driver.

A properly attentive driver being the tricky part. An errant glance at a passing lady in a low-cut top, for example, might send the car careening after her, to say nothing of the idiots who are constantly texting while on the road. Fortunately, an even more advanced option is available that allows the car to drive without the need for constant human attention.

Through the use of GPS and scanning technology, the eyeDriver is equipped to drive completely under its own power, with minimal input from the driver, primarily for directions. When presented with an intersection, the car will stop, requiring the driver to look in the desired direction to get it moving again. The car can even sense sudden obstacles in the middle of the road and stop before hitting them. Failing all else, the car is equipped with an emergency shutdown system that allows the driver to take manual control of the vehicle.

Rojas is confident that this new technology can revolutionize the way we get around. While on one hand, giving full control of a vehicle to a computer is a bit scary, on the other hand, a computer can’t be any worse than some of the drivers I’ve seen.

Source: Digital Trends

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