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Dataminer Finds Mention of Separate Ways Campaign in Resident Evil 4

A dataminer has discovered a file referencing Separate Ways in the remake of Resident Evil 4: Could the Ada Wong story be coming as DLC?

The remake of Resident Evil 4 is shaping up to have some great replay value. There are multiple difficulty levels, a New Game+, and various costumes and weapons you can unlock. On the DLC side, The Mercenaries mode from the original game is launching for free on April 7. However, one mode from the GCN title, Assignment Ada, and another from the PlayStation 2 port, Separate Ways, are conspicuously absent from the remake. That may soon change, as a dataminer has discovered a reference to Resident Evil 4 Separate Ways in the files of the remake.

The datamining discovery of Separate Ways in Resident Evil 4 appeared on Twitter (via Eurogamer):

As you can see, there is a file called “_anotherorder,” a likely reference to The Another Order, which is what Separate Ways is called in Japan. The other files are tied to things like the Chainsaw Demo and The Mercenaries, so there is a high likelihood Ada Wong’s campaign will come out eventually.

For those who have not played one of the thousand ports of Resident Evil 4, Separate Ways is a five-chapter extra mode showing what Ada Wong was up to during the events of the game. It’s a fun time, though it feels a little tacked on. Hopefully, the Resident Evil 4 remake will expand it a bit, presuming it is coming — and especially if it ends up costing money.

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