This week in Zero Punctuation, Yahtzee reviews Oculus Quest 2 and Resident Evil 4 VR.

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I suppose it’s technically Shooter Season thanks to Halo and Call of Duty and Battlefield. I know that a “season” should by rights consist of more than three fucking games, unless you’re Leeds United – could someone who understands sport let me know if that joke made any sense – but they alone seem to have scared every other big release out of the pre-Christmas sales period so fuck it, let’s stick some iron sights up our noses and point at peoples’ heads all day like a rude six year old in a boil clinic. And you know what’s good for shooters? Civic unrest and dysfunction of authority. And you know what’s good for video game shooters? VR. I finally got hold of an Oculus Quest 2 this week, which I’ve been particularly intrigued by since I heard it boasted a wireless headset. I’m still a great believer in VR: It gives you headaches and makes weird things happen before your eyes, it’s all the fun of severe dehydration without the chapped lips. But one thing I’ve always thought holds it back is how you need nineteen cables and the morning off to get it all set up. And then you’ve always got cables stuck in your head running down your shoulder killing your immersion, and if your wife walks in while you’re nailing VR anime broads and you spin around too quick you run the risk of hanging yourself, and that’s a niche sexual thrill at best.


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