Resident Evil 5 Actress Does Calendar For Fans


Resident Evil 5 voice actress and motion capture performer Karen Dyer has created an unofficial Sheva Alomar calendar.

Karen Dyer is a woman of many talents: actress, writer and burlesque performer to name but a few. She can now add “pinup” to the list with the release of an unofficial Sheva Alomar calendar. According to Dyer, the calendar is in response to fan requests:

“I’m flattered that Sheva has such great following and that my fans called for this calendar. We wanted to display the sexier and more feminine side of Sheva, and this calendar shows that off times ten.”

The calendar features Ms. Dyer in a variety of poses – all clothed before any of you get too excited – in both Sheva’s standard outfit and the unlockable outfits earned by playing the game, including the ‘tribal’ outfit that drew so much ire earlier in the year.

Sheva Alomar was widely considered to be the counter-argument against the claims of racism that surrounded Resident Evil 5, and is certainly the only member of the main cast to be anything other than glaringly white and indeed, the first playable character from a ethnic group other than caucasian in the main Resident Evil series.

It seems a shame that such a significant character for the franchise has been reduced to simple eye candy, and by the actress who portrayed her no less.

Source: Capcom Unity Blog

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