Capcom is celebrating the monumental sales of Resident Evil 5 — 5 million and counting — with the release of the game’s soundtrack.

While the game is known better for its tense atmosphere and gorgeous visuals, the audio accompaniment found in Capcom’s latest survival horror opus is magnificent.

It should be seen as an accomplishment that most players don’t even notice the game’s tunes on first play, instead reporting that the background accompaniment simply melds into the world, upping the tension and setting hearts racing amid frenetic firefights.

News of the soundtrack was offered this morning on Capcom’s official blog only a few hours after the firm announced the game’s impressive sales landmark.

The 3-disc set, composed by Kota Suzuki, can be purchased for $10 from online retailer Sumthing Digital, or you can opt to snag single tracks for $.99 each.

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