New trailer shows off what you can expect from Banned Footage Vol. 1.

The first DLC for Resident Evil 7, announced last week, is now available on PlayStation 4. The first DLC, Banned Footage Vol. 1, is available in the Deluxe Edition and season pass, or can be purchased for $9.99.

Banned Footage Vol. 1 adds two different scenarios and a new game mode. In both scenarios the player will be controlling Clancy – one of the Baker family’s earlier victims and the cameraman for Sewer Gators who players controlled in the demos. In the first scenario, Clancy is trapped in a locked bedroom and the player has to figure out how to escape, but you have to do so quietly because “Marguerite Baker won’t be happy if she knows he’s up and out of bed.” In the second scenario, Nightmare, you’ll have to craft weapons and ammo in an all-night battle against hordes of enemies with the goal of surviving until morning.

The extra mode is “Ethan Must Die,” which Capcom describes as a “tough-as-nails” mode that is “infinitely replayable,” but does not support PSVR, and is separate from the main game.

The pack will release on all other platforms on February 21. The second DLC, Banned Footage Vol. 2, will arrive on PS4 on February 14 and all other platforms at the same time as the first pack, on the 21st.

As for the main game, I rather liked it, giving it 4-out-of-5 stars and writing, in part: “Resident Evil 7 is in your face, behind your back, and under your skin horror, and it features the most suspenseful, terrifying setting I’ve seen since the Spencer Mansion. While I have plenty of complaints – unspectacular boss fights and forgettable puzzles – none of these things detracts from the overall atmospheric horror, enjoyable gameplay, and brilliant antagonists that you love to hate. It’s everything the series should have been up to this point, and I honestly would have been satisfied with less.”

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