Resident Evil Umbrella Corps Trailer Takes Us Back to the Village

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Also a first look at the game’s horde mode.

Capcom has released a new trailer for Resident Evil Umbrella Corps, showing another of the classic locales being revisited in the online team-based shooter, the Village from Resident Evil 4. Yes, you will be able to engage in a heated firefight with another mercenary team while being gaped at by poor, rural villagers in the thrall of a cult.

The second half is dedicated to a single-player mode, “The Experiment”, where players can develop skills for the multiplayer game by playing through 20 missions in an Umbrella facility.

In the video’s closing moments, it teases the forthcoming reveal of a third combat zone from Resident Evil past. The brief glimps suggests that it’s likely Kijuju, the fictional West African city which kicks off the events of Resident Evil 5.

Umbrella Corps is an online multiplayer shooter where players compete as teams of three mercenaries, fighting against each other while also dealing with zombies and other Resident Evil creatures. The game is expected to arrive in May for PC and PlayStation 4.

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