Resident Evil‘s HD Remake Gets Dated, Priced


The Resident Evil HD Remake will be released on January 20, 2015.

Good news everyone, Capcom have announced something that isn’t an overly excessive price-gouge! The HD remake of the original Resident Evil that was announced earlier in the year now has an official release date and price: January 20, 2015, for just $20!

The publisher confirmed that the game would be launching across all of its platforms – Xbox 360, Xbox One, PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, and PC – on the same date, and for the same price.

The game is actually the latest in a long-stream of Resident Evil remakes. It’s a high-definition version of 2002’s Resident Evil Remake for GameCube, which itself is a remake of the 1996 original. The game will output in 1080p on Xbox One and PS4, and whatever the heck you want it to on PC.

This latest Resident Evil remake is now looking quite a lot better than the GameCube version. You can see for yourself through this set of comparison images, released last month:

We admit that comparing the game to the original PS1 version would probably make a more striking comparison, but we don’t want to subject your eyes to polygons so jagged.

Good news for Resident Evil fans!

Source: Capcom

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