On three. One … two …

A short while back the BioShock fan film The Brothers Rapture got a little tease, and now it has the full treatment. They’ve accomplished a lot in Rapture, and have plasmids to thank, but – as is so often the case – it’s never enough. Will it be ambition that destroys them? The plasmids? Little chirpy Tippet has a plan, of sorts, but they may not like what he has in mind.

This is a passion project for director and writer Shaun Rykiss and his team of Vancouver film students. “As a student production,” says the team on its Facebook FAQ, “we faced many obstacles and restrictions while constructing the film from scratch over 6 months,” among them a tight budget, with very limited rehearsal and shooting time. This was a crowdfunded effort, and the reason why you may not have heard about that particular IndieGogo is because the team knew using someone else’s IP as a funding premise maybe wasn’t too sensible. Close family and friends were the only ones who knew about the project. Not that the students ran riot without getting some kind of blessing from 2K, and in fact the BioShock creators were very accommodating. “They didn’t put any stipulations or restrictions on us, they didn’t ask us to change anything creatively,” says the FAQ. “It was great getting to work with people like that.”

If the notion of film commentary appeals to you, head over here and have a listen to the director’s words of wisdom. “I’m very proud of what I’ve done,” says Rykiss, and so he should be. Congratulations to the Brothers team; may it be the first of many successes!

Source: The Brothers Rapture

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