In a gory early clip for season 3, Rick builds himself a new body and engages in a battle royal against a rat army.

Forget Game of Thrones, for me the agonizing between-season wait is all about Rick and Morty. Thankfully, we last heard that Season 3 is running ahead of schedule and now, at San Diego Comic Con, we have been giving a brief sneak peek at a “work in progress” scene from the upcoming season. Check it out to the right.

In the clip, Rick has been turned into some kind of sausage creature, and is forced to use animal parts supplement his body. He starts off with a kind of cockroach body, but after ensnaring a rat, uses the parts to build himself a super-rat battle body, which he uses to decimate an entire rat army in true Rick and Morty fashion.

The clip is very rough around the edges, not being fully animated and lacking color and music, but at this point I’ll take any new Rick and Morty content, no matter the quality!

Season 3 of Rick and Morty is currently being targeted for the end of this year.

Source: Adult Swim

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