Ride On a Cloud in Minecraft‘s Adventure Update


A spoiler screenshot for the Minecraft Adventure Update reveals a form of flight.

Upcoming Minecraft version 1.7 is called the Adventure Update, supposedly adding a large amount of content that will give players more to do than hack up chickens and build. Creator Markus “Notch” Persson has decided to keep most of the update secret, but tweeted an interesting image that features a floating character.

The image shows a player in the air apparently walking on some sort of cloud. The cloud has a trail behind it leading me to believe that it’s some form of air travel.

I brightened the image up a little bit, but the original can be found here. Persson said nothing along with his tweet of the image other than that it was a spoiler screenshot.

Theories put the cloud as a transport between the regular world and the sky dimension, something that randomly occurs during a dream, or an object that players can build themselves. Only Mojang knows for sure.

Persson previously revealed underground ravines as another new inclusion in the Adventure Update. One thing’s for sure, Minecraft 1.7 will likely be the most interesting patch yet.

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